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YELP ADS Certified Partner - Mahalo Consulting, Inc. 

Increase your presence on Yelp.

As a Yelp Ads Certified Partner Mahalo Consulting, inc will be able to support and manage

Yelp Ads campaigns for businesses of all sizes.


Yelp Marketing Stats:

Yelp Users: 57% are bachelor’s degree holders.

Yelp Users Gender: 34% are men and 66% are women


What do Yelp users search for:

1) Restaurants

2) Beauty and Spa

3) Food

4) Nightlife

5) Home/Local Services

Los Angeles Yelp Ad Certiied Partner Mahalo Consulting, Inc. President Diana Giess
Mahalo Case Study 1.png
Mahalo Case Study 2.png


Yelp searches help drive local businesses quality leads.

Get In Front and Stay There

Yelp Advertising puts your company in front of local customers looking to buy.   92% of Yelp users purchase after seeing Yelp listings and 79% people who purchase do so within a week, according to Nielsen.

From Yelp Visitors To Your Customers

The Improved Profile Program includes Features like a picture slideshow, a Call to Action button made to guide Clients’ on their journey, along with an optional video experience.

Cut Out The Competition

The Improved Profile Program also limits advertisements bought by local Companies from appearing in your own

Yelp Business Page.

Show Up On Your Competitors Page

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